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Leaf beast


Hello Folks, welcome back to my blog!

After hours of traffic and boring lectures, there ain't nothing better to chill us down than music. So I decided to buy very cool headphones built with the latest technology and a cool design. In the beginning, I was way too confused as to which headphones to buy. We look for many things in headphones but the main feature I focus on in a headphone is its bass. As a blogger, I often travel alone in the hopes of discovering plenty of things and emotions. Thus I couldn't find anything better than a good headphone to be my travel partner. After a lot of searching, I finally came to know about these super cool headphones from leaf studios. The name of the headphones defines it, "LEAF BEAST". It has an amazing battery backup with up to 30 hours of nonstop music through YouTube. The soft cushion of the headphones sees that your ears are as comfortable as possible. But what if the battery goes down?! Well, no worries! Just plug in the aux cable and you are ready to go. Here are certain key features of my new LEAF BEAST. So that next time you get confused about buying new headphones you always know where to look!! LEAF BEAST

  • LEAF BEAST Wireless Headphone, boasts of powerful 40 mm drivers for HD sound and our Deep Bass technology lets you enjoy your favorite songs with better clarity. A speaker resistance of 32 Ohm & a sensitivity range of 110dB (+/- 2)dB minimizes any distortion of sound quality and that's why you are guaranteed an unbelievable audio experience.

  • LONGEST BATTERY LIFE- Leaf Beast Bluetooth Headphone comes with 30 Hours of battery life for unstopped wireless music experience.

  • SUPER COMFORTABLE: Ultra-soft cushion ear cups and headband for superior comfort during prolonged wear. It is also sweatproof and gym friendly

  • WIRELESS and WIRED: Leaf Beast can be connected via Bluetooth or an aux cable. Along, with the latest Bluetooth technology, it also has the ever-green aux port which works even when there is no charge left in the headphones

  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY- Hassle-Free and Door-Step. We pick up the defective product and send a new one to your doorstep for free. The warranty claims can be made against all manufacturing defects

When it comes to fashion Here you go...

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